when kids train to put on a show, they are learning life skills:

Empathy, Teamwork, Patience, Listening, Focus, Hard Work, Awareness, Confidence, Discipline, Personal Responsibility, Body Control, Problem Solving... the list goes on!


community classes are open to any students. Our rehearsals and shows are held at St. David of Wales (2800 SE Harrison St).

Abernethy Elementary students have a walking group set up for both our programs for grades K- 5.
Many of our middle schoolers walk together from Hosford Middle School to our rehearsal location which is just 2 blocks away!

Some partial scholarships are available. Please contact Caroline.

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We are pleased to offer Theater classes and productions for students at Woodstock Elementary!

Some partial scholarships through the Woodstock PTA are available. When you qualify we match those scholarships!

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