Putting on a show gives your child life skills:
Empathy, Teamwork, Patience, Listening, Focus, Awareness, Confidence, Discipline, Personal Responsibility, Body Control, Problem Solving... the list goes on!

We have had to cancel this class for spring 2019. Please reach out to Caroline for details: caroline@portlanddramaclub.org

We just completed a fantastic The Knight at Dawn performance at another school. Would you like to see photos? Click below!

Kids will practice and then perform in a 30 minute musical at school complete with sets and costumes!

Your child will be expected to attend every rehearsal and WORK HARD. We believe theater is a discipline to be respected just as a martial art or sport. It will take practice at home reviewing lines and lyrics to put on a great show so support from parents is a MUST. Thank you for giving your child this opportunity. It will pay off in more ways than you can imagine.
Please read our FAQs!

There are no additional costs for costumes or tickets to our show. You may be asked to volunteer some of your time closer to show time to get kids ready in costumes and make up. This is a little bit of chaos, but tons of fun!