Aladdin Kids

The following schedule is a rough breakdown of the two full camp weeks. We hope kids can arrive on time and be ready to work as there is much to be done!
Because of the number of kids and their age differences we will often split this group up to do more age appropriate activities with different staff members. Your child may not always be placed in the same group as their friends so they can make bonds with others in camp, too.

week one

Day 1: team building games, show review, music! music! music!

Day 2: casting announced, intro to characters, story and staging, music, games

Day 3: dance and music, games

Day 4: dance and blocking/staging begins, games

Day 5: blocking, music, solo and duo workshops, games

week two

Day 6: dance and song review, blocking, games

Day 7: blocking/staging, additional dance if needed, games

Day 8: blocking/staging with props, games

Day 9: blocking/staging with props/sets, games

show day/day 10 FRIDAY AUGUST 17

Approximate schedule: 8:30am - 7:30pm! This is a LONG day!

Dress/tech rehearsals

Pizza party between shows

Public performance